Use this free Ubuntu Linux screen capture tutorial showing how to install Linux Ubuntu on any Windows or Apple computer using VirtualBox! Get all my courses free at Learn the Linux command line basics and get answers to your questions about Ubuntu Linux here! With 10 years of experience as a Linux administrator, you can count on Nick to explain what is worth knowing about Ubuntu Linux in a simple and practical way that is easy to understand.

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0:00 How you can use this Ubuntu Linux video tutorial created in February 2016 today!

2:07 Introduction to Ubuntu Linux and getting started as a power user!

9:50 What are Linux distributions such as Ubuntu Linux?

17:03 Installing VirtualBox and setting up your virtual machine.

24:53 Installing Ubuntu Linux on your virtual machine.

31:32 In depth free screen capture tutorial installing Ubuntu Linux using VirtualBox by Oracle.

37:32 Disabling the ISO and first boot up with Ubuntu Linux.

39:46 How to access the terminal in Ubuntu Linux, and begin using the command line. We will go over Print Working Directory (PWD) and Change Directory (CD).

45:19 Free Linux command line tutorial for beginners continued with how to use the LS command to view the contents of any directory.

52:54 Administrative privileges in the Linux terminal featuring the Super User Do Command (SUDO) and how it allows you to circumvent administrative privileges.

58:51 Using the package manager to install new applications and an introduction to apt-get plus learn the necessary commands for installing new programs on your Linux machine.

1:02:54 Searching through the repository to find new applications to download. See the necessary commands for finding programs you might not know the exact name to in the repository.

1:04:59 What if we want to install a package that is not in the repository? No problem! Here is how to download & install Google Chrome in Ubuntu Linux, a program that is not in the repository.

1:09:46 Keeping programs updated in Ubuntu Linux.

1:14:25 File permissions and ownership in Ubuntu Linux explained.

1:18:51 How to change file permissions and ownership in Ubuntu Linux.

1:27:03 How to create a new file in the terminal and recap. Use this tutorial to see how to use the TOUCH command to create new files in the terminal. You also get a review the utility commands covered throughout this section.

1:32:00 Creating new directories and moving files with the MKDIR and MV commands.

1:36:35 Copying, renaming, and removing files with the CP and RM commands.

1:41:19 Getting started with the FIND command and it's practical uses.

1:44:49 Advanced Ubuntu Linux commands featuring the find command in more detail.

1:49:22 Master the Linux command line starting with the find command.

1:52:46 How to get answers to your questions about Ubuntu Linux from a master Linux administrator? If you want to learn Ubuntu Linux, you can use this course to give you motivation and 6+ hours of practical tips for using Ubuntu Linux! Take the full course on with this for the full course and get the book at on YouTube at and get more on my website at View all my Udemy courses at Facebook page is can find me on Twitter at

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