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2. all just a story 4:09

3. gnomedrone 8:08

4. flowing 15:09

5. miditation 21:07

6. under a tree 26:32

7. chinchillin 31:18

8. new years day 36:35

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► Playlist: Facebook: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Gnome is the alias of Tony D'oporto, also known for his projects Gnomes of Kush, Gnome & Spybey and Crisis Actor (featuring David Thrussell). a native of Southern California, Tony has been at the forefront of electronic music culture since the early 1990's where he has worked in a variety of styles that include trance, ambient and downtempo backed by countless performances throughout North America.

'Stillness' is the 4th installment in The Gnome's full length ambient album collection - a fine, elegant and sophisticated release that is marvelously carrying soothing atmospheres of delightful rest and easiness. a very own cosmos of serenity and tranquility created with warm, hypnotic soundscapes, well-placed loops and processed field recordings.

8 songs of droned out chillout bliss, introducing an expansive melodic range and harmonious elegance, mastered to perfection by Nick Brennan a.k.a. Tripswitch. check it out!

ant-zen audio and visual arts is a german independent record label founded in 1993. the name is derived from the phrase "anti zensur", which serves as the modus operandi of activities as new and uncensored expressions.....

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